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BaptismGod loves a child unconditionally. We see this in how Jesus stressed the importance of children, and how he obviously enjoyed their presence. We in Kilmore and Oban seek to have in our life together the same spirit of love and welcome for your family.

In Christian baptism your child is welcomed into the fellowship of the Church. The Church seeks to know, love, serve and follow God the Father, in the way of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit. And so in the service we use these important words. "I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"

We baptise in the name of the Father - the Creator. Life is a gift of God and we are not left alone in a meaningless universe. In God there is purpose and love.

In the Jesus of Nazareth we see what it means to be truly human. In Jesus we see a love which affirms men and women, enjoys the diversity of human life, and calls upon to share sensitively and generously with those who face major challenges.

We baptise in the name of the Holy Spirit. All of life should be permeated by the Holy Spirit: by the spirit of reconciliation and peace, the spirit of confidence, the spirit of the Christian community, the Spirit of Jesus.

Who can be baptised?

BaptismAnyone! God loves us all, children, parents, seniors - without condition. Baptism is an expression of this, and more. For in baptism we respond to God's love. And for infants, parents are required to make a response by bringing your child up in the Christian faith. The church of Kilmore and Oban is here to help you do this, so talk to the ministers.

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