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As we are the parish church of Kilmore and Oban our ministers are always there to be with people through the time of bereavement. Our availability is not dependent upon whether your family has a church affiliation or not.

Funeral arrangements

LiliesDeath marks the close of an earthly life, and the funeral is an opportunity for friends and family to gather together to share their memories and all the complex feelings that attend the death of someone who has been a central part of their lives. The practical arrangements for a funeral are made in conjunction with the Funeral Director.

You may wish to have the funeral in the church, followed by a burial. A service in the church might be expected to last for about 25-30 minutes.

During the service the minister will bring the person to mind in the way you would wish, all the while reminding us all of the deep love of God that stays with us even through death.

The Church of Scotland makes no charge for the service of a minister, nor for the church. The church officer and organist are paid a fee directly through the funeral director.

Children usually handle funeral services well, and are welcome to attend with a known and trusted adult. There is nothing that would scare them, and they too have feelings which need an opportunity to be expressed.

Continuing pastoral care

Our ministers are here afterwards to support, comfort and link together both grief and hope. The minister will arrange to visit you soon after the funeral if you will be in the area. The minister and the church community continue to be concerned for you in the days, weeks and months or years following your bereavement. If your experience of bereavement has raised any questions of faith, or if you need ongoing support, please do not hesitate to contact the minister at any time. You will always be welcome to draw strength from worship at Kilmore and Oban.

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