Kilmore and Oban Church of Scotland
Oban ChurchKilmore and Oban Church of Scotland


WeddingWeddings can be conducted in either Oban Parish Church or Kilmore Kirk. If you live in Oban or Kilmore or have a strong connection to this area then feel free to contact either of our ministers to chat about your plans.

Weddings can be conducted in either of our church buildings on any day of the week, other than a Sunday. It is worth booking well in advance for at certain times of the year there can be a great demand upon our ministers' time.

Weddings need to be given much thought and we will seek to guide you through the legal, practical and worship aspects of the day. As a marriage has legal standing you will need to make separate contact with the Registrar's Office to obtain a Marriage Schedule.

Christian marriage seeks to affirm the worth of you as individuals and as a couple. Words of love and commitment will fill the service. We hope our services are joyous occasions. Whilst we are more than happy to help you in putting your own personalised service together, perhaps by including friends and musicians, a church service is a Christian service within the love of God.

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