Kilmore and Oban Church of Scotland
Oban ChurchKilmore and Oban Church of Scotland

Who we are

View over Esplanade Church to Oban Bay As members of the Church of Scotland, we in Kilmore and Oban welcome all people, whether or not they go to church in this parish or elsewhere, whether or not they are practising Christians or of another faith tradition, whether or not they have a faith at all. It is a ministry in Christ's name to all people in a spirit of mutual respect.

The policy of the parish ministry is to take an open, honest and affirming approach to the Christian Faith. Its truths often lie below the surface and require a critical and searching approach.

We seek to express the love of God when people seek baptism, marriage, or funerals for their loved ones. We seek to encourage faithful, stable and committed relationships, but at the same time recognising that such ideals can be difficult to achieve and that life is full of grey areas where our situations are a bit of a muddle and the frailty of our humanity only too evident. We are not here to judge, but to enable people to take responsibility for their lives and meet their commitments.

To enable the Christian community to grow and develop in their individual and communal Christian pilgrimage, we seek to provide opportunities for learning, discussion and debate in response to God's Word in a process of discovery, rather than the provision of stock answers.

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